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I've been asked to develop a "statuses" thing for a kind of SMF and it's a couple of days I'm undecided on "how to" implement it.

These statuses would be a kind of twitter system: short messages with a kind of "discussion" ability.

Of course the person that asked me would like to have these completely integrated into the normal discussions, so one of the options (probably the easiest to implement) would be to use a board and be done with it (it would be even simpler than with blogs and galleries because I wouldn't even have to care about categories).
But my gut feeling says that this would be a bit too much for SMF to handle.

TBH I'm tempted to follow that way, because it would mean a lot less code to write (just thinking about the code to keep track of what is read and what not for each user...), but I'm stuck and I can't decide...

What would you do?
Build everything from scratch or use what is already there?

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I think for admin purposes it might make sense to have them in a board, but for the normal user I wouldn't show them that board.

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Yep, that for sure: I already organized blogs like that: it's a sort of hidden board (is hidden only on boardindex in fact) and all the direct accesses are redirected to action=blog or something appropriate.

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Basically he wants Wedge's thought system in SMF, right..?

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Probably. Do they appear on unread replies too?

 emanuele doesn't really understand that sort of things TBH... lol

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No, because it's mainly presented in chronological order. Thought threads don't have a title so that would be awkward to present in that page. It's not impossible to so though.
Anyway, I wouldn't use existing technology for writing that. Using the messages table for instance, would be overkill if you're trying to limit the size of status posts and comments. Thought limits are 255 bytes. Not a tech limitation, just a geeky choice. I thought 140 was too short and Wedge doesn't interface with SMS anyway ;)

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Yep, that's mostly the doubt I have/had: use the message table for that kind of things seems highly overkill.

She asked explicitly for 130 chars (twitter has ruined the web sooooooooooooo much... :'( )... and an image... and hashtags (already there for other things, at least that) and of course the convo with read/unread...

Well, it seems the best option is write it from scratch, it may take a bit more time than expected, oh well. :P

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I hope you're getting paid pretty well to make SMF in to Twitter

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Quote from: groundup – I hope you're getting paid pretty well to make SMF in to Twitter
ROFL ... Whats he going to want when the next gen social media takes over

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Well, it's just for fun. :P