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Title: [ADDON] Image Proxy
Post by: Spuds on May 04, 2021, 03:59:28 pm
Image Proxy / Cache for ElkArte 1.1.x

o This ElkArte Addon is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License version 1.1 (the "License"). You can obtain a copy of the License at http://mozilla.org/MPL/1.1/

When using HTTPS connections browsers will not show external images embedded with the [IMG] tag that use HTTP links as they would breach the security of the page.

This addon will serve images embedded with [IMG] tags from your domain through a proxy mechanism. The remote HTTP image is saved to your sites cache directory and served from there. You can choose to do this for all [IMG] tags or just those that would cause “insecure content” warnings when your site is running on HTTPS

 o Added as a core feature to allow you to find and enable it easily
 o Scheduled task to remove images which have not been access in a given period of time
 o Option to cache all () files or just those required for proper https validation
 o Automatically will retry fetching failed images up to 10 times.
 o Secure proxy mechanisms
 o No source edits.

Repo: https://github.com/Spuds/Elk_Image_Cache
Download: https://addons.elkarte.net/enhancement/Image-Proxy.html
Title: Re: [ADDON] Image Proxy
Post by: Spuds on May 04, 2021, 06:05:15 pm
Just making a standard addon post ... original discussion / request is here: https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=3432.0