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I added two new variants, a Blue and a Gold version. You will find them in your profile theme selection area.

In doing those two, I got around to fixing a bunch of things in the theme core, makes creating variants easier, plus fixes a...]]>
https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?action=post;topic=6325.0 Wed, 24 Apr 2024 01:29:42 GMT https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=6325.msg45539#msg45539 Spuds
Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0 https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=6055.msg45538#msg45538
Quote from: ahrasis
Quote from: Spuds some additional color variants of this theme
I mean this. Default is only green so far. So red, blue, gold, cyan etc would be nice...
https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?action=post;topic=6055.0 Wed, 24 Apr 2024 01:23:30 GMT https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=6055.msg45538#msg45538 Spuds
Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0 https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=6055.msg45537#msg45537
- Added a feature in the admin panel to allow sending an email to anyone really. It comes from the site and is intended to validate you are sending email, and allow you to send an email to a mailtest service to check spammy level. In the...]]>
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Notification Enhancements https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=6324.msg45536#msg45536
1) Standard notifications, such as Liked, Quoted, Mentioned, etc. Now have an option under Profile -> Notification Settings, to show notifications from:
  • - Everyone
  • ...
https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?action=post;topic=6324.0 Sat, 13 Apr 2024 15:06:26 GMT https://www.elkarte.net/community/index.php?topic=6324.msg45536#msg45536 Spuds