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Re: Is this project alive?

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I'm closer to be a zombie than 3/4 years ago, but when I get there I'll be immortal, so I'll not have any issue with supporting anything I want for as long as I want. :D :P
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Re: Is this project alive?

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Quote from: badmonkey –
 We will have to disagree on that. I've witnessed too much beratement over there. I've even been the subject. Frankly it was the primary reason for coming here. The arrogance from some individuals oozes.

Indeed, its toxic at times - which makes you think long and hard before trying to voicing an opinion ever again..sadly.

Never found this site to be that though. :)

Re: Is this project alive?

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Quote from: Arantor – I hope this project is alive. The future needs it.

Indeed.... just for the record, here's what brought me to ElkArte.. (long story told short)

Almost 20 years ago, a yahoo group was set up for a bunch of military veterans. The group owner also set up a website to support that community. A few years later he passed away. The yahoo group continued on, the website passed to his brother, who owns it but doesn't maintain it.  A few years ago Yahoo was purchased by Sprint.  I saw the writing on the wall, and set up my own server to support the group, not subject to the whims of others not directly related to the community. When Yahoo announced last year it was shutting down the Group forums (and converting to a mail list) I archived the group, and set out to replicate the Yahoo forum on my server.
I found one forum package that ostensibly supported the Yahoo group's mail-list format, and set about configuring that, and massaging the archived mails for import. Alas, I discovered an incompatibility with the Yahoo list emails and the software that rendered the mail-list support functionality basically useless. I spent much time trying to identify the problem.
About then, a few weeks ago Sprint/Yahoo announced it was shutting down the distribution lists Dec 15th.
This eliminated the constraint for that forum package, and I immediately abandoned that package and looked for another..

That brought me to ElkArte...  My first step was to rapidly get a Forum set up and mail functioning properly. It's now set up (sweet! much easier than that other package), and I'm working through a few mail configuration issues. Once those are solved, I'll migrate the existing mail-list users to the new ElkArte-based forum on my server.

Then, after everyone is settled in and comfy, I'll work on bringing in all the posts from the earlier Yahoo group and from the distribution list.

Point being... there are a LOT of folks out there that are former Yahoo Group owners (Yahoo claimed 10 million users in tens of thousands of groups) and those groups and members were "kicked into the life boat" last year, that are now about to be "abandoned at sea". I know of many that, like me, have been desperately looking for a way to move their groups to another platform. Some of them will inevitably find their way to ElkArte, especially if I succeed in a full migration of my group and the archives. 

There are a few developers that are working on this effort using $$ hosts, which, from my point of view, is jumping from the frying pan into the fire - not only are those communities still subject to the whims of unrelated hosts, but now they're paying for the privilege (whereas Yahoo Groups were "free", but for the ad-views). If revenue is the goal, ElkArte does support subscriptions (in my case, that is not my interest, but it's there as an incentive for those that are monetarily driven..).

In short, it may take awhile, but there IS demand for forums that other social media platforms will not satisfy with their current revenue models that I believe will drive ElkArte growth in the future. I may well be just the first of many to follow.

Stay "tooned"...

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Re: Is this project alive?

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I've done the Yahoo to forum moves in the past, the pain was worth it ;)

I've just not had much time to work on elkarte this year, but this has not been a normal year for anyone.  I hope to get back to things "soon" ... 

Really 1.1.7 should also be finalized soon, there are a lot of good updates in there, and that would likely be close to the end of 1.1 updates with most future effort on 2.0  Not saying there would not be a 1.1.8 but it would be be a maintenance type of release if it happened IMO

Re: Is this project alive?

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Oh. Well, if you're thinking of doing a 1.1.7 soon I should go through the 1.1.6 CSS some more. I'm sure I can find more nifty ways to slow down 1.1.7 for you. :D
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