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Theme development / Re: Where can I sell a theme?
Last post by kwarler -
Themeforest is definitely the way to go. I've done it a few times. You can also use fiverr, if you want to create customers that wants customizations. I usually gets bigger projects there.
Support / Help on Post/reply by email
Last post by JPalmer -
Sorry for bringing this up once again ... I have followed closely the discussion here, and I followed the advice(s) set out there.

After some fiddling with setting up mail forwarding at my hosting provider and the path to php binary, I think that incoming emails are now piped to the emailtopic.php script. At least I can see them coming in at the ElkArte section for "Moderation -> Unapproved Emails".

And here is the problem ... I do not get any information out of this mails, e.g. no "Subject", no "From", no "Body Text". The system alerts "Email ID not in Database", which might be an aftereffect of not detecting a sender address. The user I'm sending from IS registered in the database.

On a lighter note, also sending a bounce message from the admin page does fail with "Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again."

Please advice what I could do to narrow down the problem. Any help is highly appreciated!
Chit Chat / Re: Hello!
Last post by malikshahzadcool -
I’m a Digital Marketer living in India. My skills include any kind of technical stuff, entrepreneurship, writing, and make a living online. I’m a part-time web developer too.
Addons / Re: Wordpress Bridge
Last post by lordmortimer -
Hello, people!

I think it's time for me to give this a try. If I understood correctly, my current Elk users will be logged into WP the moment they make the next login after install, right? What about users that are always logged in? Do they have to logout and login again to make it work?
Support / Re: Assistance needed with Notifications Errors
Last post by emanuele -
hmm... I don't think the undefined index should cause emails to stop, though check in ?action=admin;area=maillist and look for the setting "Site Name to use for the email (not the email address)" and fill it in.
In case this fixes it, all good.
Otherwise it may be something else.
Support / Re: Issue with icons!
Last post by emanuele -
Well, copy&paste old posts is not really nothing new, happened since 2010. What is freaking awesome is the rearrangement of the sentence in a way that  is totally coherent.
I mean, if there is a person  behind is freaking awesome it's worth spending that amount of time for no backing up whatsoever (no links either in the signature nor in the profile. If there is a software behind, than it's freaking awesome that it is done by an AI.
Support / Re: Issue with icons!
Last post by Antechinus -
Spam alert. It's a new thing they're trying to sneak into forums. They copy/paste an existing post. Check the OP on your link. It's word for word what Gregers posted here.

Similar thing happened at SMF the other day. Someone quoted the OP of one of my old topics, probably thinking it was so old it would slip under the radar. Unfortunately for them I have a good memory, so they were instantly busted. :D
Support / Assistance needed with Notifications Errors
Last post by goosekeeper -
Notifications quit occurring without any known changes for all users.  For both messages and board notifications, no emails are occurring.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


"Post by Email Management" is disabled
ElkArete 1.1.6
PHP 7.3

There is an error log item that might have been related to Post by Email being temporarily enabled.

Error Message
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