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Support / Re: Invisible Groups
Last post by Steeley -
What is the ramification of "restrict assignments to additional groups only"? 
1. I am not sure if there is any so far.
Hi ahrasis,

My "boolean" English isn't very good, so, not only am I not yet sure of the definition or utility of a "primary group" (I'm still learning this package), I'm therefore not sure what the downside would be by excluding it as an option.

Does this mean if someone is assigned to this (invisible) group, they can't be assigned to any other group?

2. I don't think so. You should try it though.

I am doing just that.  I've seen some oddities in board access for those members assigned to a 'private' group that - in spite of setting the group to inherit the "regular members" permissions - seems to require explicit permissions be set for that 'private group' for the rest of the boards as well - but that just may be me getting 'wrapped about the axle' as I go back and forth between board settings, permission settings, and testing the user's access,  groping the "black-box" for the logic.

Once I get that all straightened out in my understanding (assuming I do eventually), then I'll see what I blow up setting the "private group" invisible.  :-)

Perhaps if I understood what a "primary group" is / is for, that caution would make more sense to me. As best as I can tell, "primary group" is undefined in the "default" settings as the package in installed.
Support / Invisible Groups
Last post by Steeley -
I've created a member group, with the intent of its members able to access a "private board", membership is admin assigned only.
The private board will be invisible to anyone not a member of this group.
However, if I set the group "invisible" I get a caution I don't fully understand (see attachment)..

What is the ramification of "restrict assignments to additional groups only"? 

Does this mean if someone is assigned to this (invisible) group, they can't be assigned to any other group?

(Currently, as this forum is just being built, there are no forum members except me as admin and also with a regular member identity for testing purposes - so I'm not concerned with updating "primary" members at this point.)

Exterminated Features / Reply to change to locked.
Last post by Darkijah -
When you locked a subject, it would be nice if the Reply changed to Locked, maybe even with some color.
Like I had no idea the last subject had been locked and wondered why I could not reply.
To have the Reply change to Locked would be very helpful for users who looks for it and finds a Locked button in replacement and is notifies at that very instant. I did see the lock icon outside the subject chat, but it would be nice to have something inside it as well. :)
Always a good idea to be user friendly as long as it is done on a sane level! :)
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Keep the colors in Hex code! :)
Last post by Darkijah -
@Antechinus Yea, I guess, people did - and once again - and actually did a little in Chrome with F12 yesterday :).
I'm just strained to the max, well my brain is anyway - so it kinda not easy. Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Notes, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Bible, History, Health and whatever...  Anyway...

Well, more people should join up with ElkArte, I think there was some programmers not on there team anymore - they could just come over and help with what not.

Anyway... I should go to bed, as usual so many things to do, but... Well, Lots of plans and ideas, and sadly the action is going slow. Well, I should look back on things, and actually accept that I've come a long way I guess, even if it seems to go slow.

I need to find a way to make a copy of the main theme, so I can edit one and still have the original. Still lots of confusing on my side, and the options is still one wild nature of unknowing danger :P