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Topic: [RC1] $txt['verify_pass'] = 'Passwort wiederholen:'; (Read 1016 times) previous topic - next topic
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[RC1] $txt['verify_pass'] = 'Passwort wiederholen:';

In user profile the string "verify passwort":

Code: [Select]
$txt['verify_pass'] = 'Passwort wiederholen:';

...uses only capital letters. This seems to be set in the template file, but better has to be in language file.

Plus: A lot of ":" after sentences are in the template files and not in the language files.

Re: [RC1] $txt['verify_pass'] = 'Passwort wiederholen:';

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Yeah, I think I saw that once while working on the verifications.
I was not sure why it was there, so I left it, but it didn't make sense to me...

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