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[Addon] Attachment Image Watermark

Image Watermark

This addon allows you to add a watermark using an image or text of your choice to attachment images.  You have various options on the position of the watermark.

Images are watermarked as they are requested without any changes to the original.

The settings for the addon are under Admin -> Forum -> Attachments -> Watermark

Add an existing image as a watermark
Use text to create a custom watermark
Have the system adaptively size the watermark so it does not overwhelm an image or provide a constant size to use on all images
Position the watermark in 9 different locations
* Bypass images smaller than a WxH size from being watermarked

This addon is for ElkArte 1.1 only and requires Imagick, there is no GD support.

Re: [Addon] Attachment Image Watermark

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Once again many, many thanks!!!  Awesome add on!!  

Here's some initial feedback: The adaptive sizing feature is pure genius. Responsive watermarking makes total sense. Beautiful work. 

Here's a question: is it supposed to work with jpeg images? It is working as advertised with jpg and png, but not jpeg. 

Re: [Addon] Attachment Image Watermark

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Ah! It's only a little typo. Something the monkey can contribute!  lol!  Here's the corrected file.  


Re: [Addon] Attachment Image Watermark

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Thanks for catching that, I updated the file in the package as well.

Keep testing and let me know if you find other bugs :D  Thanks for the feedback on the adaptive sizing.