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[ADDON] Solve Topics

Solve Topic V1.0.4

This Elkarte addon is released under a BSD-3-Clause license

This addon adds a new capability, allowing one to mark a topic solved or unsolved, useful for todo or help boards.

  • You can select the boards for this feature to be active.
  • Permissions include solve own topic and any topic.
  • Adds quick moderation option when select boxes are used
  • Includes a topic solved log, which can be viewed both from Admin are and Moderation areas.

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Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Brilliant timing :D This is one of the features I need moving from IP.Board.

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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There is something wrong with this addon. Although the button appears, but not functional. The topic is not marked. There is no error message or logging info.

Greetings and have a nice weekend!

Installed on Elkarte 1.0 beta 2

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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@NetFlag it might need the most recent version of the software, there were some hooks renamed between B2 and the soon to be RC1 versions.  I should (will) update the install to reflect that when we get RC1 out.

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Ah, ok. Im going to update my installation this evening and try again. I will get back to you.

Updated with files from master.
Good News: There is now settings in Add-on Settings visible.
Otherwise everything as usual (see post above)
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Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Sorry for my slow response on this  :-[

The fix is here:  you just have to change the case on the action= parameter in that file.  Alternatively you can just get that new file and overwrite the old, or do the old uninstall / delete the old package, upload the new package, reinstall.

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Quote from: Spuds – Sorry for my slow response on this  :-[
I beg you, that's no problem. Good work takes its time.

This Addon is very good work. Thank you very much! :)


Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Essential Mod.
Thank your Spuds.

French translation in attachment.

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Now that I think about it too, candidate for default too.

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Thank you, I've added the translation to the package

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Updated package to support ElkArte 1.1

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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"solved button" does not appear mobile
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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On mobile, it would be with the other mod_buttons which should be under that "hamburger" stack button.  Is this on elk 1.1 or 1.0 just so I can take a look.

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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yes he was there thanks.

better to have it next to the print button. would be more visible
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Solve Topics

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Minor update to ensure compliance with php 8.1 /  ElkArte 1.1.9

Note this version only works on 1.1.x, use previous if for some reason you are on 1.0.x

Improve admin board selection template
Test on php 8.1/ElkArte 1.1.9
Only works on ElkArte 1.1.x, for ElkArte 1.0.x, continue to use v1.0.1
Misc cleanup

To get the addon you can do one of two things:
  • You can download the file from the Addons site and then upload that file to your server
    • Admin > Packages > Upload > Select the zip file you just downloaded > Upload
  • Or Download it directly to you site
    • Admin > Packages > Download Package > click "Browse" by "ElkArte Third-party Add-ons Site", Expand Features > Solved Topic > Download
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