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Re: Remove Last Edit

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I don't remember exactly if it is show anywhere else that display, but if display is the only place and a single <li> is not a great deal, a simple css trick would be enough:
Code: [Select]
.quickbuttons .modified {
    display: none;

Re: Remove Last Edit

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That removes them all.
The mod places link to remove the last edit from each post.
That way, can go and click it to remove the line from some posts, but leave for others.

But, that way would work for total last edit removal, if want that. :)
Which, I may just do, as I always hate to show that I did edits to my own posts.... LOL


Re: Remove Last Edit

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Ohhh... okay, I guessed based on the title. :P

Re: Remove Last Edit

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Interesting addon, seems like an easy thing to add.

Re: Remove Last Edit

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Yeay... Spuds is making one for us. ;)[1]
I remember making permission to edit or something like that, but forgot what is its name and function... hurmmm...