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PAID Addon: RE-add Ignore Button

Am open to ideas/suggestions.
HOPE would not take long to get this.

Put Ignore Button back in.
Similar to this post.

I'd like the button to have a transparent red shading so that is stands out AND harder to confuse with other buttons.
And easy to find (not buried levels deep).

Click it, adds a user to Ignore list.
Click it again, it removes User from Ignore list.

Installs properly with Package Manager.

I can pay via Paypal.

Re: PAID Addon: RE-add Ignore Button

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General suggestion: this should be somehow easy to create exploiting the custom fields positions.
I mean coding-wise, not that it can be created as a custom field, but that the code that handles the positioning of custom fields in the template can be used to add the button.
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Re: PAID Addon: RE-add Ignore Button

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Figured wouldn't be to hard .. for someone that does this stuff.

But that isn't me.  So I want something reliable to put it in place. Which I can always count on.

And I won't have to fall back on, figuring it, each every time, in the future.