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PAID Addon: NAG Guest to Register/Login

Guest Register/Login (nag)
Open to ideas/suggestions.

Work ACCORDINGLY with Guest viewing allowed settings.
If that feature is denied, then presents NAG to reg/login
IF VIEWING IS ALLOWED, lets view, BUT ON ACTION, presents reg/login
viewing = OK
scroll= ok
click/enter = NAG
Installs properly with Package Manager.

I can pay via Paypal.

Re: PAID Addon: NAG Guest to Register/Login

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I'm not sure I understand that one...
Bugs creator.
Features destroyer.
Template killer.

Re: PAID Addon: NAG Guest to Register/Login

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I allow "guest viewing"
Several just keep viewing as guest, never register.
Several users, are also viewing as guest. Not logging, and not posting.

I do not want to ENTIRELY end that.
Want to SOMEHOW limit it.

I am thinking, perhaps a "on click/enter" trigger at topic level

CAN VIEW category, threads, all day
BUT soon as click a topic to see actual comments GET A NAG
(BETTER would be - IF NOT LOGGED IN - show only x comments )

so have to register or log in to get it.

need to keep SE & Sr group permissions in mind.