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[RC1] new smiley-set not available

First problems with the RC1.  :o

I use a special smiley set, greensmilies. I imported my SMF a while ago into Beta2, everything worked fine. Even the smileys. Now I uploaded the RC1-files right into my Beta2-directory. First notice: Oops, my green smileys are not shown any more!  ???

The server has no right to access the files ("forbidden 403"). But they have the correct owner and they have 777. Huh? So I decided to delete the smileys and upload them again with the function "new smiley set". First I deleted the smiley directory "greensmilies" on the server and then uploaded the smiley directory again. I set it at 777. Now I clicked on "new smiley set" but I can't choose the directory. It is not clickable in the directory list!  >:(

It seems I need help with this.  ::)

Oh: The site "Smiley Sets" seems to have some problems with Chrome browser, please see screenshot "smileys.png".

Re: [RC1] new smiley-set not available

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It really seems you have some kind of permissions problem:
I get a 403 forbidden page...
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Re: [RC1] new smiley-set not available

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Make sure the directory, as well as the files are readable by whatever user/group your web server is running under (do you know if it is Apache or Nginx ?)  With the right user or at least group you should not need to run 777 but on some hosts that is indeed needed depending on how things are set up.