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Languages>Edit Languages

See attached images. 

The file name seletions are sitting a bit low in the drop down box, thus lower case 'g' and the such are covered up.

Some of the files do not want to load for me on Fx 28. I get the Content Encoding error as seen in the attachement. That file in particular was the General Strings. This has occured on other files also.

As well, there seem to be some display issues within the edit section. Some of the names are not on top of the edit box but to the left of the box. The image shows the General Strings file.

This is consistant with Fx 28 and IE 11.

Re: Languages>Edit Languages

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The select alignment is something for @Spuds, but he may be absent for a while.

The other alignment issue should be fixable with a:
Code: [Select]
.strings_edit textarea {
    display: block;

About the content encoding, just to be sure: it happens only with firefox or with IE as well? (I'm not sure if your last sentence refer to the entire message or just the last bit. ;))
I'm asking because it may either be a server timeout or something similar, or another problem.
Honestly these pages need a rework anyway, on my localhost, for example, I cannot change certain entries due to some limitation on a php setting I still have to find... :-\
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 :-[   I going to have to embarrasse myself over this. As I lay in bed this morning it dawned on me the problem was likely with my Xampp localhost. At least for the compression and timeout issues. I will tinker with this on my real test site this evening.


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Quote from: emanuele – The select alignment is something for @Spuds, but he may be absent for a while.
Removed a fix that should fix it :P .... Sorry eman, but nix quick search box will have its text top centric due to this.

I think the use of the
selector on that search area may be the issue, but for now its only a text misalignment on *nix in that area, at least that I know of.

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No problem then I suppose. ;P
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@emanuele : I saw your post ( and it brought this topic back to my mind. After a bit of pondering I wonder what you think about this concept for the Language Editor.

Pull out the strings from selected language file the same as is done when displaying the templates from Modify Themes/Browse the templates.  Display each string, one after the other, the same as the templates would be shown. See attachment.

Because some strings can be large, only show about 50 or 60 characters or less of the string. That should give the person enough characters to know if they are on the correct string to edit.

At the end of each string, place a check box. When the person selects that check box, a drop down editor opens on the string and permits the string to be edited. When finished, the person could select Save to save the string or Cancel to cancel the edit. On either selection, the drop down collapses and puts the user back to where they were.

A bit more elegant than the current implementation and it will give Spuds a chance to code more hidden dropdowns!   ;D

ETA:  tried to add the attachment and it failed. Produced an error.
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Re: Languages>Edit Languages

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I wrote it somewhere else, I would like to see a more tight integration between the internal editor and Transifex or any other tool we would use. But that is not really related to the UI.
Another kind of related discussion was about how to handle (code-wise) the translations (see ).

On the actual UI, I'd say that the idea you proposed is basically what I think is the way to go (well, maybe not a checkbox but that's just a detail :P): have a list of strings and when you select one you can actually edit it.
Another way could be to present the strings on multiple pages (and that would be nice irrespective of anything), plus a "search" function, etc.

Have you had a chance to see Transifex UI?
I attached an example.
I think it's somehow similar to what you described.
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Nope, I have not looked at Transifex but the attachment you posted looks similar to what I had in mind. Anything along that line would be an improvement over the current implementation.

I suggested using the check box as the dropdown box/edit initiator as a convenience for the user. I think that most users would rather not leave the page to do an edit. There is probably a little bit of cool factor to it also.   :)


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Yep, what I wanted to say is to maybe use a button that says "edit" more than a check box to load the editor area. ;)
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