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Re: [ADDON] Tabular Categories

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That's indeed pretty funny. xD
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Re: [ADDON] Tabular Categories

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@emanuele  or @Spuds
For some reason, I can't find the fix that was told before about how to fix this issue.
Installed the addon, like have done on other sites, and all categories still show, the category headers, not the boards.
I can't remember what the fix was.


Re: [ADDON] Tabular Categories

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I found the fix for this:


Code: (Find & Remove) [Select]
<header class="category_header">';

// If this category even can collapse, show a link to collapse it.
if ($category['can_collapse'])
echo '
<a class="chevricon i-chevron-', $category['is_collapsed'] ? 'down' : 'up', '" href="', $category['collapse_href'], '" title="', $category['is_collapsed'] ? $txt['show'] : $txt['hide'], '"></a>';

// The "category link" is only a link for logged in members. Guests just get the name.
echo '
', $category['link'], '


Re: [ADDON] Tabular Categories

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Glad you got it sorted.  I've never looked at this addon  :zipper_mouth: