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8.1 and other updates

Been doing a little work on OI to knock off some of the dust :tongue:

I've got it fully working on 8.1 and have made various other fixes and many tweaks as well.  Even worked a bit on a smf 2.1 back to elk 1.1 as a test bed to do testing. 

Looks like I still have to update the Travis test bed and a few other things, like a short how to use it, although its super easy.

Anyway just an update, will get it posted on the OI site when I'm done

Re: 8.1 and other updates

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Great work!

Re: 8.1 and other updates

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Continued progress ...

The tests have been moved over to github actions from what was Travis
Added a first pass at a phpbb3.3 to elk1.1 converter
Started to address reported problems
The main branch has several translations, ok almost all  that were never updated for the new core functions.  As such they were not working  :shocked:   :angry:   So I've made a couple of adjustments.
Notice that we need to make another minor tweak to 1.1.9 and 2.0 to make transitions work.  Almost everyone now uses the built in php password verify and hash so those need to be added to the enable_password_conversion functions.


Re: 8.1 and other updates

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Added a mybb1.8 to elk 1.1 converter
Improved some items for the phpbb3 to elk 1.1 converter

Could do some more things, but this was just to get the importer working again, other importers can be added if asked (and a db provided for testing)