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Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications Started by rjm · · Read 6488 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications

After some "idle" time I have been trying to accomplish a reply  by email while seeing ONLY the written reply text on the start of the notification email that also contains the sender's text (after "The text of the reply is shown below:".

after some puzzling (first of all: I didn't know what exactly was meant with delimiters in filters as well as in parsers configuration. A little internet search showed up with e.g. Hence - PHP delimiters).

Finally I specified the following with parsers:
Quote\n.*(Full\ Name|email@forum\.example\.com).*
(shown without delimiters)

This works perfectly well and includes the typical date/recipient text "At <date/time> <name> <email> wrote:" of email clients when reply is initiated.
The regexp triggers on either full name as specified in Site Name to use for the email or the email-address as specified in Reply-To and From email address. Because it removes not only this sentence from line start, but all of the reply till its end, including quote text, I don't need taking care about the difference of plain text quoting or html-mail quoting (of course, things are more difficult if I'd intend to let the plain quoted text pass the filter - for the case that anyone wants to cite one or two sentences).

BTW: the same regexp string does not work correctly when specified in the filters section. Then only the date/recipient text is removed, despite the .* quantifier at its end.

The folllowing I regard as a bit of a problem:
  • notification is of course necessary when reply by email is used by individual forum users. However, my experience is: notification is switched of automatically when a send a new posting in any thread. Or also when new posts have arrived (but this seems not deterministic). I don't know how to arrange that notifications only change state by manual operation
  • In notification mails with posting text, the posting content is not visible at first glance. I'd wish to have a line of "====================" after "The text of the reply is shown below:", or at least an empty line in between.
  • Writing a reply by email requires BBcode formatting syntax knowledge. That's a serious disadvantage, since BBcode is getting outdated. I'd suggest that simple wiki style formatting be added to Elkarte, e.g. some Markdown styles or Dokuwiki (**bold**, //italic//, underline styles (hmm, I see that underlines produces bold in Elkarte...). Nevertheless, one Markdown formatting style (">" for quoting) is already implemented.  :grin: 

Re: Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications

Reply #1

Parsers find the match and CUT the message at that point, generally intended to cut off the original message

Filters find the match and replace it with some other text.  Normally used to remove things like, Sent from my iPhone, or other cruft.  If using a regex here and you wanted to get multiple lines you would have to use lazy matches and Modifiers  You can practice/test using the site

1) I'm not sure what you are asking.  I don't think the system sends a notifications if you are the poster of a message in a thread you are watching. So if you do a reply by email to a thread you are watching, the system will not send you back the message you just sent. 

2) If you are not seeing the text, then in notifications you do not have send the body of the message selected. (per user setting)

3) Basic markdown support is available for email posting on 1.1 but not for "on line" posts.  2.0 added basic markdown support for "on line" posts. Some examples

~~strike~~ strike
**bold** bold
__bold__ bold
*italic* italic
_italic_ italic
> quote this --> must be at start of a line
Quotequote this
--- for a hr/rule --> must be start of line 

And the last one supported is 
Code: [Select]
`` place your inline code between tic makrs
for code tags  these can occur anywhere you like

Re: Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications

Reply #2

Quote from: Spuds – 2) If you are not seeing the text, then in notifications you do not have send the body of the message selected. (per user setting)
I believe there is some misunderstanding. The option to include message body sending is set to on.
What I get is:

QuoteA reply has been posted to a topic you are watching by xxx.
View the reply at:
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The text of the reply is shown below:
one more test

Regarding md-support in v2.0 (and already in 1.x from mail: cool.

What I wish is the body just below the op of the message. It seems that v2.0 does exactly that.