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Quote from: Spuds – Sorry, I have not had a chance to look at this.

I don't think it would be too difficult to swap the beSocial menu in place here, mainly since this is the stock ElkArte menu.  So the change should all be in the variant file and not effect the templates or main css at all.

If you are still trying to do this and need some help, I'll try to give it a shot sometime this week.

I think I'll need this now. :)

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You may look at besocial css, the menu-related code should be under the section "$MENUS", I guess most of it is due to the 
Code: [Select]
#menu_nav {
declaration, plus maybe something else. ;D
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Re: [Theme] Silence

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I'll look and see.
I did a quick look last night, and Silence's css was missing that when searched, since found it in the Be Social, so that could be what need. Just, was not able to try at that time. (Was late and working on 5 things at the time...LOL)


Well, I hacked away, and got it to work...

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Re: [Theme] Silence

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Is this theme no longer available?  I tried to download it and the download link brought me to this thread.  I'm looking for a dark theme.

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Welcome to Elkarte oblivion!

Yes you are right about that, very much likely a c/p error while updating or something... Btw, I think @Spuds will fix it as soon as he reads this ;)
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Re: [Theme] Silence

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Sorry about the wrong link, at one time I had the download in this thread but now its on github.

Anyway the link on the themes site has been updated, thanks for letting me know :D

Re: [Theme] Silence

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Thank you and sorry for not doing so sooner!  I put this project to the side and only just picked it back up this week.

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Quote from: more comment on the dark theme. In mobile mode it seems to be showing recent posts alternately dark and light, while in desktop browser all posts have the same style. Is this intended or accidental?

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That be an accident, must have missed a color in the mobile section of media query's.

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Oi Spudseses! There's a buglet in this one.

Code: (elk_theme_silence/css/_dark/index_dark.css) [Select]
textarea:hover, .editor:hover {
background: #fbfbfb;

Would be better as #222. ;)
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Thanks! Spudseses has updated this (on his local copy, can't update git just yet)

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The Admin manage boards page in this theme is almost impossible to use.  The button text is illegible.

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I'll get onto this one too.
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I' am not a fan of material design for information heavy designs like a forum. The idea for a web page, forum, and other public media is to present information and for me material design and modern web design in general is going, and has gone, in the direction of removing the main function of information technology: presenting information. So thank you for the theme. I did some modifications and have used it for 10 months now. It is the only theme I like for ElkArte actually and looks the most professional. This eye candy, endless scrolling, illiterate, fashion of modern web design is annoying. But I digress. Good work on the theme and all around on the software!


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Migrating Silence from 1.0.10 to 1.1 is problematic; some forum icons were rendered huge, and I mean HUGE!

I'm not nearly a CSS expert, so I started experimenting by copying over files from the default theme directory into silence's, which improved the situation a lot. This happened both on a running forum and on a brand new ElkArte 1.1 installation in localhost. Thing is, I don't really know which file fixed (or broke  ;)  ) what, but anyway it's almost working now. One last thing that I can't fix is the message content that, for desktop browsers, the quote frame strikes through behind and the rest of the text wraps below the avatar column (picture 4). I did fix the dark colors of the code segment as can be seen later down the thread, although I don't remember how.

Any chances of getting Silence updated for 1.1?

[EDIT] Well, I just read the 1.1 announcement and it clearly states that themes do not work. Oh, well.