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[Theme] Silence

This is a dark theme, based off the default theme.  Its something I put together (I'm not a themer ;) ) so I could test a few things and figured it may help others who want to start a dark theme variant.  I may make some updates as time goes on, you never know!

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Nice, but I like more Be Social! variant ::)

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 emanuele suggests Spuds to throw it up here on the site! O:-)
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SPLIT: "Submit" themes

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The discussion about submitting themes has been moved to this topic:
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I'd bang it.
Ehm, use.

Admittedly the colors aren't really thrilling.

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I started using this. I agree, the colors aren't thrilling, so I started modifying them to a gold-ish theme based on #FFBF00. The blues and some of the greys are being replaced with this. Once I'm done, I'll put up a demo for screenshots.

@Spuds what is your license for this theme?

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Very Nice! Personally, I like dark colors cuz they don't put strain on my eyes as much as light colors do. Well done! :D

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Spuds, I love this, and am working on it for a site.
However, I have to agree with an earlier post:

Quote from: phantom – Nice, but I like more Be Social! variant ::)

Is there a way to get the menu from the Be Social into this theme?

I'd try to do it, but I'm way too new to ElkArte coding to know what and where everything is... LOL

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Sorry, I have not had a chance to look at this.

I don't think it would be too difficult to swap the beSocial menu in place here, mainly since this is the stock ElkArte menu.  So the change should all be in the variant file and not effect the templates or main css at all.

If you are still trying to do this and need some help, I'll try to give it a shot sometime this week.

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Can I download this theme anywhere?

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Should be able to via theme site.
The home page and menu tab has link to it.

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Ah, thanks!  :-[