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[Theme] Integrity

Looks like its been almost a year since I put a theme together, so to show others I have not improved at all, here you go :P

Called this one Integrity, quick demo is here:

This is generally a light theme with shades of grey and red.

  • The top header provides the traditional ability to add logos and slogans above the menu.  But as you scroll the page, once the top menu reaches the page top, it turns into a fixed menu so that it is always accessible.
  • Quick search is part of the menu, clicking on the magnify icon expands the search area for input, it will stay open until you close it.
  • The info center is on the right side for wide screens and will drop below for small screens.
  • The board index layout has changed for a cleaner look.
  • The message index is redone to show the avatar first, and move topic page navigation to a single area.  Sticky topics are in a separate area that is collapsible, the collapsed/expanded selection choice is remembered as well.
  • The topic display has an updated poster info area where some items that were normally hidden in the drop down have been exposed. The drop down area has also been enlarged so it is less cramped and now shows a little more information like last seen and member since.

I think that covers most of it ... bugs of course.  Get it here:

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Nice work Spuds  8)
It's similar to Lazy Day template and I like the fixed menu when you scroll down.

As you talked about bugs here is one (resizing the browsere window):
Another Board.png
sorry for my bad english

Re: [Theme] Integrity

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Yeah, I can fix some of that, right now there is to much non standard stuff in that header bar and needs to be hidden on window shrink.  I used my Lazy Day as a start point, good eyes :D but added several new things to that.

Oh and one more feature you can see in your screen shot, the sort topics stuff is done as icons in place of the sort by pull down.

Re: [Theme] Integrity

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I noticed the icons to sort topics, nice try, will just take some time to get used to it
sorry for my bad english

Re: [Theme] Integrity

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Very nice and interesting!
Bugs creator.
Features destroyer.
Template killer.

Re: [Theme] Integrity

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can I also get the download link to this theme? Thanks! Nice spuds

Re: [Theme] Integrity

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Been slow to post this on the site.  Wanted to shake a few more minor layout issues.

Re: [Theme] Integrity

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Sorry @Spuds , I downloaded this theme from Github and when installed and active, it changes to Elkarte "Be Social" theme.

Any help with this ish?