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Re: Question about theme layers

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The hook I used?

It’s in the buffer so it takes  the buffer as an argument and manipulates the rendered page data then returns that.

It’s not the one you’d want to use I think as everything is rendered by that point. You could check it in the html_above function and switch things around in that section I’d guess without the need for a hook.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what is the best one, I’d be looking at the one just before the _above templates were called.

Re: Question about theme layers

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Yeah, I tried using that integrate_buffer hook but emanuele's code doesn't take it seems. Perhaps it happens before that.

Oh well, putting this aspect on the backburner for now, its plenty to work on elsewhere in the theme.

Re: Question about theme layers

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Just to put this at rest: I moved away from trying to juggle the layer ordering and rather work with some javascriptin' to get things the way I wanted. :)

Re: Question about theme layers

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Cool ....

No promises but If I get to see the theme I'll see if there is a way to use the layers to juggle things around.  I've used them before to inject things in the profile page so I know you can do some cool things with them but TBH I have a lot to learn about their use in situ (so to speak)  Sometimes there can be a disconnect in capabilities programmed in vs how the folks you need those capabilities would use them.  Hope that makes sense LOL

Re: Question about theme layers

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Great! :)