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Re: Seriously Gruesome

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Yeah no doubt we got excited by the shiny new html5 tags :D  I recall a lot of that was to improve some of our accessibly ratings as well. 

If you have new / fixed / improved CSS structure to add I'll add it to 2.0 and not have you deal with Git which I know is your secret love :P  TBH I'm not really sure where to start but have felt that both the board / message / topic markup are in need of some help, they are for the most part 8+ years old now.


Re: Seriously Gruesome

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TBH I'm not entirely sure where to start myself. :P I'll have to do some digging and messing around before it starts making sense.

Fer instance, I just realised that some of the weirdery in the top section of the theme is because I'm running my custom dark CSS as an override, and that messes with the layout of two .wrapper classes. They make sense as part of the default presentation, but they don't make sense when I re-jig the header for a more compact layout.

ETA: I'm thinking it's probably not worth worrying about support for IE11 either. It's being patched for security until some daft year (2025 IIRC) but Microsoft itself is not supporting IE11 on their own sites past November this year. Which makes it seem pointless for anyone else to bother.
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