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Quick Reply

@emanuele45 this one is for you !

Do we still require the plain textbox version in the quick reply area?  In the look and layout section you can choose not use the full editor (e.g. plain text box) , the full editor, or full editor in wizzy mode.

My primary gripe with the plain text area is that it needs its own set of plugins (ironic since they are require JS, so what are we saving).  Today those separate plugins include drafts and mentions but currently lack emoji and ??  It also requires other plugins to be aware of what is being used , e.g. QuickQuote, so they know how to properly interact.

If we want a more compact full editor we could hide its toolbar area and label the option as use the compact editor in quick reply.

My vote:bomb::boom::hole:


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I think we had this discussion and I agree I'm probably the only one using it still.:laughing:
Honestly not worth keeping as is, if we can have a way to hide the toolbars that would be great for me, but I'm fine with it being ditched. :D
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Should be easy to have a compact view ... @radu81 was going to post about the toolbar clutter, especially on mobile.

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@Spuds As an aside, if I select the smiley in @emanuele's reply I don't get the quick quote.

Quote from: emanuele – I'm probably the only one using it still.
If you mean plain text quick reply (with nothing on it), I use that, at least here on this forum. ;)

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Confirmed. :)