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Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA

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What does the clean talk mod do for spam?

It works insanely well for my wiki, Wordpress or SMF installs?

Does it just check messages against a database?

Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA

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Never heard of it before.

Appears to be a pay for service, which means they are part of the deep state that actually creates the spam, they don't want to stop it, they want moar :P

A quick look ... It appears to send the full post to the service to be checked.  So it would have to be some form of checks in place for the ip, email, password, name, other?  Honestly  I'm a tad leery of sending a users data to another site.

Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA

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I just wondered if it was doing anything clever. It seems to work incredibly well.

Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA

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They probably are ... but they are not giving away their secret sauce.  
1) send them the post, 2):magic_wand:magic happens, 3) get your result
May be good idea for an addon.