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Joomla updates

It happend before, and also today, they just released the 3.8.9 version, I updated the website and after one hour and half another notice with 3.8.10 update available :)
sorry for my bad english

Re: Joomla updates

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@radu81 So you use Joomla with ElkArte? I tried Joomla, man it was tough for me ...he he he he

Re: Joomla updates

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I use Joomla but not together with elkarte ;)
In the past I used Joomla bridged with SMF, only because there was no phpBB bridge. So I start using and appreciate SMF, but my first forum was based on phpBB. After a few years I removed Joomla from my forum and converted all articles to topics/Sportal articles. That was a good move because maintaining a forum bridged with Joomla became a nightmare.

Anyway I love Joomla, I start using it since the project was Mambo and never looked to other CMS. I tried Wordpress, but I ended up using Joomla.
sorry for my bad english

Re: Joomla updates

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I gave up Mambo and Joomla long time ago. Now I'd prefer WP.

Re: Joomla updates

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Haha i was wondering why I missed an updated and saw they moved up to .10