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search index or not?

Are you using a search index for your board? If so, why? And what kind of index?

I am using no index. The search seems to work fine. But our board has 140.000 messages right now and ElkArte recommends a search index for boards with more then 50.000 messages.  :-\

Re: search index or not?

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I am using a search index, these are the settings I actually use

Re: search index or not?

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bah... that's a suggestion, not something set in stone.
Take in consideration the string was written in 2005, with some very different systems in mind (i.e. servers with quite limited resources compared to the current ones).
Of course it's not entirely wrong, but it's not a very big concern either, unless you hit issues with the search becoming slow.
On the other hand, having an index doesn't hurt anything as well, so...
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Re: search index or not?

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Okay, as long as the search function works without an index I will not use one. Thanks.