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unless its on a board that does not count posts).  

Well - that is the reason. board-counting in the database is 0, subs.RSS interprets 1 as count. There are only the marked lines where a previous set user-counting value is set to off when boards do not count (== 0 originally, changed by mgr to == 1)

(PS I tweaked the format of your post so it rendered properly, footnotes inside of a code block do not render)

Many thanks. I didn't dream that a tag code=Text was possible and already in ElkArte. I didn't yet come to exploring the source how BBC is formatted. M limited knowledge is based on SMF files.
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Re: RSS Feed Poster

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Reading my answer now me thinks I have thought too quickly before posting - sorry.

The user count-switch is set correctly to 0 or 1, all following conditions set this switch to 0 for not counting. Up to here all OK.

Now comes the feed-counting switch (from the board counting switch) testing this value against 0[sic] sets user-count switch to 0 (off). A look into the database reveals though that a board setting of count = off sets this value to 1. My working and supposed changes will correct this wrong assumption and count all RSS-Postings correctly in the board and for the selected user.
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Re: RSS Feed Poster

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!Fix broken link urls in atom based fields
!Set scheduled task to check every two minutes new installs only