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How to translate ElkArte to your own language Started by emanuele · · Read 16224 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

How to translate ElkArte to your own language

If you want to contribute to ElkArte translating its interface to your language, there are two or three ways to do it.

  • The preferred one is for sure to use Transifex, you can register and use the interface there (if the language does not exist yet, feel free to request it either there or here on the forum).
  • Another way is to open a topic here and attach the files you have translated (please one topic per language ;)), someone will eventually upload the translations to Transifex.
  • Yet another way is to use git and github. This is a bit less easy, but eventually someone will push the changes to Transifex as well.

Pick the one you prefer and thank you very much for your help! ;D
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