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Re: Registration emails

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Quote from: Steeley – No hurry.. it's just a minor niggly for a few of us, and we know how to deal with it. But if I can make a quick code edit or two so the plain-text urls are also delimited and that makes it go away, cool.

Like a pinch of powdered sugar on the cherry on an ice cream sundae.. just a nice touch to let my brothers know they're loved, ya know?

I would hazard a guess at it being this commit.

As that’s around the delimiters and is generally what stops html vs txt.

Re: Registration emails

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Very well could be, but if that is directed to me, @tino and since I don't speak php worth a darn, where and how I would edit it to insert such "<" and ">" brackets to delimit plain text urls requires "a better man than I, Gunga Din.."

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