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Topic: 2023 add/import posts from retired elkarte 1.1.8 to a live elkarte 1.1.8 (Read 283 times) previous topic - next topic
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2023 add/import posts from retired elkarte 1.1.8 to a live elkarte 1.1.8

Hello All,

I am looking for advice on how to merge or import approximately 2000 posts from my retired elkarte forum that I used years ago into my current forum. Both forums are the same current version 1.1.8. I use this board only for internal work, there is only 1 user (me/admin), and I don't care about any attachments. I only want the Topics/threads migrated over.

Because I have not figured out how to merge the posts, I have been running 2 instances for the past few years, but this is getting a bit tedious.

I have searched the forums and google about how to merge, but I still don't understand how it can be done. I realize at least one issue I need to manage (record/table ID conflicts); however, this is beyond me without guidance. I have no problem using PHPMyAdmin. I can probably find someone to help me manage MySQL via the terminal, but I am unsure what fields I need to modify (or even how) to keep the posts intact and future new posts w/o conflict.

Please let me know if there is anything I need to add or clarify to carry this out.

Thank you.

1.1.5 discussion of merge

edit - oh, and this thread links to an smf thread. That smf post was updated a couple of year ago, but, I don't know if this can still be applied to elkarte.

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