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Re: How to use this board

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Quote from: emanuele –
Quote from: Joker™ – Yeyy, just woke up with some weirdness in head
 emanuele will look for moar ways to put weird things in Joker's head.
Lol, in reality github api doc is made me more confused as I read it. Actually using and consuming the API's are much more simpler. @emanuele can you point to some sort of guide about how to create plugins for elk

Re: How to use this board

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Why people always want guides and tutorials? Read the code! :P

Joking aside, there isn't much guides, just a small one on template layers at github, and... probably nothing else.
But to be honest, it's (still) not very different from SMF, so you should know (just with moar hooks and functions).
If you have any question feel free to ask! ;D