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Stress relief

Connecting back to nature can have that effect. Hope you may as well!

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Cool! How did you come to have a pet deer? Years ago, camping with a group, a fawn walked right into our camp. Apparently something happened to it's mother. They are far more intelligent than we credit them.

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That's amazing. You surely have a big heart! Sounds like a great, happy life you're living (and too the animals you take care of).  :)

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Quote from: derived – Keeps my kids from having to grow up in the big city woes, like I did,
They turning out soft & naive vs cold hearted

The isolation is a catch22.

Country living is where it's at!  ;)

The day job asked me to get drone certified. It wasn't an easy process. Not overly difficult though. Anyway, they have sent me to a workshop in a beach town. More stress relief! Paid for it too!  ;D

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An hour's drive from us is a substantial Christmas lights display each year. An annual visit is a family tradition. We have had a pact we would visit in the snow should the opportunity arise. Our snows normally come in Jan and Feb. Tonight we got our wish. It was wonderful!

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It's 62° where I live. Just throwing that out there.

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Here it's 0/3 ℃, it is supposed to snow between today and tomorrow, but I doubt.

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We went playing around yesterday. We topped a remote mountain. Didn't see another human, but still made a friend. 8)

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Anyone getting in the holiday spirit yet?   ;D

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Everyday is a holiday my friend. ;D

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Snow day!   8)

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 emanuele envies you so much...