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Re: Themes questions

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You could use an index.html as your main page and put all the links you want in there. Or better still, you can use Simple Portal to do that.

Re: Themes questions

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Just to Say Hi All ... and ask regarding this earlier dilemma quoted bellow my question > can I integrate in the Portal Page an animated menu via php or html code from Adobe Muse, as easy and fast way to get animated menu through adequate muse plugin!?

Gooey Menu Widget from Muse -

Quote from: omBre –
    is there option in ElkArte to have welcome page as main page through which as I said main page will be animated menu through which one can choose between different areas 2.portal 6.chating section

    just to add, I dont want animated menus, but separate first/home page with slogans, friends, greetings etc. where in its center on top there will be animated menu linked to the board menu strings