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first forum for Legalizаtion of Marijuana in Macedonia hope through Rural Reemigration ...


only thing that I cant grasp as forum moderation is the News notification, from where I should get in the News panel, I've searched wide and long but cant find it ...

also where should I change the header text of My Community and is it possible that link to point just to certain subboard
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Quote from: omBre – from where I should get in the News panel, I've searched wide and long but cant find it ...
it's in Admin > Main > News and Newsletter > News

Quote from: omBre – also where should I change the header text of My Community and is it possible that link
that is the title of your forum and points to the index of your forum, you cannot change the link from ACP. you can change the title in ACP > Configuration > Server Settings > Configuration

sorry for my bad english


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Thanks Radu ... eyes dont see when one wants to set the rules in one day :)

yet I got some error message, should I manage something in the theme css


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I am getting this message also when I try to modify subboard, I have changes til now only the color codes in the css, eventually if it is    problem some older addon that I hzve tryed to install? at least there is no promle with creating or posting in the board ...


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You need to install only add-ons that are compatible with elkarte 1.1
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Thanks to Elkarte for all Your help and support, I wouldnt succeed to pass the need for Open Debate to my macedonian compatriots if there wasnt forum platform like this, about matter that they want to push it as decriminalisation which in return will bring mafia establishing as norm in the society, instead to go with regulated Legalizasation that will be at least quality control standardization but in same time if its ruraly engaged chance for rural reemigration for many that are in this or that way stucked in the town smog, tho it could be also controled way for the Police to be relaxed from light drug like Marijuana so they can focus 100% on hard drugs that are getting more and more save ground in Macedonia, hope they wont ...

Although this forum didnt provoke instant debate, at least it was eye opening for many, not just for this matter, but hope for other social aspects of life too, and it would be ideal if e-tool will be used by the system too, so the citizens could participate officially in the real life politics in their place, instead tilting on social platforms or in front of television, at least it would be good management for counting good practice options among the professionals at the governmental and communal agencies ...

BIG UP for Ahrasis and Malasiya too for every technical solution for my technical knowledgeless on the system administration for php forum platforms, also Thanks to JavaJones that brought me here with his comment elsewhere [1] although what specially was fun for me it was having also templates like BeSocial or Flarum style so this ElkArte forum could be more appealing for those that are hooked to social platforms!

Thanks Again To All ElkArte-ans


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Site keeps loading and ends up in problem loading page


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Sorry My mistake I've forgot to add the Closing title ...

i.e. after half year existence and no direct response from any citizen of Macedonia this forum had no will to survive, although it was advertised through their fakebook reality but also through public police interference!

here is archived snapshot if You like to see how it was looking ...


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I may say here also that I've like the hide\unhide option on categories for registered members, so it would be messy for those that are interested only in particular category, but I was missing to see how all this wild function with additional subforums, coz as wide open this style is to much to handle for the guest eye, myabe hide/unhide option of categories also for guests will do the job, tho dont know how the software will remember the last chosen configuration by the guest, IP's are not enough coz their variability, but maybe welcoming secret question with typical answer will do the trick ...


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It takes time to launch a forum, after the first year my forum got 19 members and 360 posts (80% were mine). I wanted to shut it down in the second year after reaching only 2000 posts and 160 members, but then started to grow. Don't give up, and if you allow me to give a suggestion start with a minimum number of boards, when it will be more active you can add new boards.
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Thanks Radu for Your motivation, believe me if I have intention to push this with no regrets I would, but its forum matter that dont concerns me at all coz I have decide to migrate elsewhere where I'll have no regrets about what I want in my life ... this was simply for me way how to defocus from some public stress that the local elites trowed on my shoulders against my free will making reality show from my life, for what I have decided to use their tactic but on other level i.e. bringing upfront social life aspects that are their concern but they are not concerned about at all, trying to push for open-source political forum that eventually will lead to political party with centrist idealism where every member will have opportunity directly to contribute to the political platform ... in same time it was at least blueprint for the masses in future on what kind of parties they would give their vote, those with wide open platforms shaped in front of everyone, or again they will believe on elitist clubs where only few are shaping some platform and many should push their agenda, giving their vote consent and free will decisions to be predetermined by interests mainly from bancor power elites, tho even in wide open debate on e-forum there could be room for agitprop manipulation yet is way less manageable than through television or social networks, coz the debate is categorized and archived so there is constant open window someone to question or refine some facts or ideas ...

I am not to sure what will happen in future, but if the citizens avoid to use e-tools like nowadays forum platforms, they will loose the chance for more focused approaches than simply copy and paste methods from elsewhere, and coz in Macedonia these copies are usually copied from places with larger population as such incompatible for our now ~2 mil. country, at best we are getting just mediocre results, normally even those that are aware of this they dont have strength to do better coz they cant get more and practical help from their colleagues or those likeminded but also critique from the opposition, what as walk-by communication today is even hard for those that are just representative judges in the parliament, but even harder for the scientists or the citizens that are willing to help their country or local government, normally this should go first through ngo's, but ngo cant push easily for crucial or longterm changes, so till every party and institutions have e-approach like this and then after ngo's to mediate between there for the sake of citizens coz ,need of more clean public debate, I think only way now for change or hope for better tomorrow is new open source party that will start such process that eventually would be beneficial for all ...

living in times where everybody are too much talking about communication, but no one really benefit from it, is really strange situation, hm fakebook made instant leap from classic medium agitprop directly to modern social agitprop, but surrounding the forum as correction tool if not idea pool, altho this is just popular misuse of the e-tools coz deliberate or not educational fault i.e. there is still no wide public consciousness what are blogs what socials what forums as e-tools, thus many are using them in wrong way eg. debating on socials, chit-chating on forums and after waiting for blog escape when they will overload from all > Instead to start with blogging, then pass to forums and after chichat on social so they can invite someone to clean and focused talk on individual blog or collective forum ... in a sense I've started to stir these ideas on fakebook just to let people know where they are getting wrong and how unuseful is to hope that through such place they will get more than hugs or spits, then I've opened blog so they can feel the difference, and after opened the maklezet-forum so they would all have chance for debate, but altho I have hoped that they will join the fun they didnt, and instead that fun to get more clean vibe and normally to pass this open space  from me to others willing to push all that with no regrets for their cause, simply coz big ignore on every level now even do I would like to join their fun I will need to hit and run, coz its not my concern at all ... hm, I was lucky no one has shown up coz in that way I would have obligation to see how things will roll out in near future as seedling that was planted by mine free will, even I have made clear statement that in case no one pops up I will abandon this approach for good, so it could be edification next time if they as community have similar chance not to let it go coz this or that!

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