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strange editor behaviour

Hm... I have some strange editor behaviour here.

1. I marked text and wanted to insert a link. With the text marked I clicked on the BBC button and filled the form with the URL. The description field was left empty. Problem: My link was put in front of all my text in the text field of the editor, right at the beginning - not where the marked text was.

2. I renamed a topic. To rename all of the posts inside the topic I had to move it twice. I marked the option to change the title of the topic and the title of all posts inside. Then I moved the topic for the first time. Yet only the first post had the new title, all other posts had the old title. I moved again back to the original board and marked again to change all titles. And know it worked. Why not in the first place?

Using IE and not the WYSIWYG editor.

Re: strange editor behaviour

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I was just trying issue number 1 on this site and it seemed to work as expected.   Were you having the problem here our on your board? Just trying to narrow down if its the version of the editor in 1.1 or 1.0.10
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Re: strange editor behaviour

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Let's try again. Write some text... mark it...

Yes, here on our board. I marked the words "mark it" in the text above, clicked on the button, inserted the URL in the URL field, clicked on "Ok" and then... well, see the screenshot.

Re: strange editor behaviour

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Thaks ... looks like its an IE issue with the editor, oh joy.
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