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Re: Bbc integration issues

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Regardless of that particular aspect of it, what changed exactly? Like you said, it looks like it should match just one character, but that's the working Elk 1.0 code.

Edit: btw, even in the SMF code I have no idea what that "300" at the end is supposed to be doing. Could that be from another forum? >_>

Code: [Select]
[glow=green,2,300]I'm green.[/glow]

In any case, the second value sets the pixel spread on the glow, so in the shadow it should just be a bunch of $2px $2px…

Re: Bbc integration issues

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Mr. BBC's prediction for using glow is pain, nothing but pain :P

No idea on the 300 ...  some of the SMF stuff goes back to early IE days, so maybe that was needed as the direction vector in an old version of filter:glow say IE5.5? *shrug*  Then MS likely dropped it at some point but it had to still be accounted for to support any old tags even though it was not used.

Don't know why your code worked in 1.0 :/  Perhaps a old bug or maybe the way the comma code was implemented, certainly strange.
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