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Quiz Addon

Hello People :)

I am very much happy to look a forum just like smf, and looks even better than it. I am having quiz addon on my smf forum and would like to transfer to Elkarte. So i need to know if there's any plan for Quiz mod or similar. Would love to have one for Elkarte. :)


Re: Quiz Addon

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Forse now, there is no quiz add-on for elkarte, can you please link the SMF mod?
sorry for my bad english

Re: Quiz Addon

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Below is quiz mod link:

If you want to try quiz mod, you may visit my smf forum to just take a look.
Thanks for quick reply though. :)

Re: Quiz Addon

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well.. is there a way i can be of any help or do it by myself this mod by changing few codes in smf mod to make it work on elkarte? I am not a coder or know nothing but changing a few things might work i can surely look into it.

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any idea if anyone will be ever start working on this?

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Brings back memories!
It's 5 years I wanted to start on this, but I know the status of the mod when I left it and... honestly it's very difficult for me to think to pick it up again, because it's a lot of work to make it work somehow properly.
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Ok. So one reason not to be part of elkarte. But there are many to be part of it though.
This board is so good.. if there are few mods like this I am sure many will love to have this forum board.

Re: Quiz Addon

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i think somethings like that would help increase it's popularity... & keep it