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Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9 Started by niloc · · Read 34754 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9

Hello folks, long time no see!

I've actually been using Elkarte 1.1 Beta 1 for many many years now, and have super customized it, heavily editing most of the code.

But yeah, it's time for a massive upgrade, to 1.1.9 or maybe even Beta 2.0.

What would the best steps be to go about this?

What I have in mind is this so far:
Step 1 - Force update my current 1.1 Beta 1 to 1.1.9.
Step 2 - Backup export the database.
Step 3 - Install a fresh new 1.1.9
Step 4 - Import the database into this fresh install.

Main reason for the fresh install is because I've tinkered too much with the original forum that I'm not too sure what may or may not have messed up.

Any comments?  :smiley:
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Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9

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1.1.9 or 1.1.10 should work fine IMO since they are the same 1.1 family version. I would say backup both files and database before proceeding. You can overwrite too as another alternative but I am not sure if there is/are any version(s) in particular you should upgrade first before final upgrade to 1.1.10.

Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9

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I guess my tinkering has made my database really not clean. I can't seem to upgrade it, it always gets stuck at the Executing: "Deprecating admin_info_files table..." (1 of 13) part.

Is there any way to just extract the vital parts of the db to a clean install of Elkarte?
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Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9

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Did you turn debug mode for the upgrade?  Seem like an easy step for things to have stalled on so I'm curious if any additional messages are available.

Also what version of PHP are you running this under?

1.1.b1 is pretty old but the DB should update fine.   As for the files, if you did a lot of tinkering your best choice would be the full upgrade path and not trying to install all the patch files.  Even if it was a clean 1.1.b1 I would do the full upgrade as who really wants to install 9 patch files LOL

Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9

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Thanks Spuds, I managed to do it! Yay!

I don't even remember what I did, but hey hey somehow I managed to get it to 1.1.9 haha.

By the way, how does one install the Dev 2.0? I can't seem to find it on Github. I wanna test it out for fun =)
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Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9

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:cool: glad you got it to update !!

For 2.0 there in not yet and official package to download, so you have to download the repo from then move the contents of the elkarte-development directory to your server directory.  Then you should simply be able to point to that location from your browser and the install should start.

Really the only difference between that and an official package is the full download has extra files and directory's that are not needed outside of development.

Lots of really nice new features in 2.0 !!