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Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Great, it works now as expected! Thank you!

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Support Elk 1.1?
Sorry for my English

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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It will be updated :D and PR's are welcome !

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Updated package to support ElkArte 1.1

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I am using the latest version 1.0.6 of this addon on elkarte 1.0 and I was looking in my php error log and I found a lot of lines with this error:
[04-Mar-2018 21:17:06 Europe/Rome] PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant FORUM_VERSION - assumed 'FORUM_VERSION' in .../public/sources/subs/fb4elk.subs.php on line 48
Code: [Select]
47.	// Disable the built in lightbox support in ElkArte 1.1
48. if (substr(FORUM_VERSION, 8, 3) === '1.1')
49. {
50. addInlineJavascript('$(document).ready(function() {$("[data-lightboximage]").off("click.elk_lb");});');
51. }

Seems that changing:
Code: [Select]
	if (substr(FORUM_VERSION, 8, 3) === '1.1')
Code: [Select]
	if (substr('FORUM_VERSION', 8, 3) === '1.1')
solves the problem

This also broke image cache addon for elkarte 1.0.x
Last Edit: March 05, 2018, 06:01:16 pm by radu81
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Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Bumped the release to v1.0.7

 o Update to FancyBox v3 library.  Removes old v2 options and replace with v3 options (simplify as well)
 o If you prefer FancyBox v2 features stay with v1.0.6 of the addon, it runs fine under 1.1.x

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I'm still using version 1.0.6 because it still works fine with my 1.1.8 EA forum.
Today I added the webp format to the allowed file types in the forum (in the settings for file attachments). When I tried to insert three webp photos into a post via Fancybox, it didn't quite work.
After uploading the photos and setting the widths and positions of the thumbnails in the post, the thumbnails do show up in the previews, but when I save everything afterwards, only the Lorem Ipsum placeholders show up in the post instead of the thumbnails.

Where can the error be? With jpg or png it still works.
Does something have to be changed somewhere on the Fancybox code pages or something else in the EA forum?

ElkArte version: 1.1.8 / Theme: BeSocial / PHP 8.0

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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There was a brief discussion about WebP ...

Its not well supported by PHP/GD, depends on what your host has done.  Plus ElkArte itself is not ready for them, so for now I would not play with them.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Oh, okay, no problem. I'll just wait and see how WEBP and ElkArte will go on. In any case, it would be great to be able to insert such images at some point.
In the last half year I found more and more WEBPs on the net and about two months ago I started to insert only this format on my own website. At least for images above a certain size.The quality of these images is usually much better than comparable images in JPG, and the file size is only about one third of the JPG size.
I believe, meanwhile even all large browsers support WEBP.
ElkArte version: 1.1.8 / Theme: BeSocial / PHP 8.0

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Time for an update to 1.0.8

This release only supports ElkArte 1.1, if you need 1.0 support for some reason, use a previous release.

  • Fix an issue that prevented it from working with any [IMG] BBC style links and 3rd party photo share sites. 
  • Updated some of the 3rd party link search logic as those link formats are always changing
  • Tested on PHP 8.1
  • Minor updates to marginally improve performance

To get the addon you can do one of two things:
  • You can download the file from the Addons site and then upload that file to your server
    • Admin > Packages > Upload > Select the zip file you just downloaded > Upload
  • Or Download it directly to your site
    • Admin > Packages > Download Package > click "Browse" by "ElkArte Third-party Add-ons Site", expand Enhancement > Fancybox Lightbox > [Download] (use the button)

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I just tested the 1.0.8 on my forum and I noticed that the add-on is not working with BB images inserted with attributes like width or height
Code: [Select]
[img height=300][/img]
I'm not sure, but I think this worked in the past. :undecided:

Also, what about BB images hosted on http? I guess I never tested that until today, and they are ignored, is this a bug or it was designed to ignore http images?
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I'll have to look at that.  Are you using the image proxy as well?

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Yes, I am using the image proxy.
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I'm a little late and have only just updated to 1.08.
However, three options are now missing in the settings. I have outlined them in red in the attached picture.
How can I add them now? Above all, I miss the "position navigation buttons". These are now at the top right of the display and look a bit strange when using a laptop, and clicking on them up there is a bit awkward.