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[DEV] Topic to Github issues Started by emanuele · · Read 2902 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

[DEV] Topic to Github issues

Quick description: allows to publish a topic as a github issue, and all the answers as comments (actually, it could be nice to let any one message as an issue, but seems rather overkill).

At the moment it's a one-way integration, to be expanded with some feedback from Github (e.g. when the issue is closed post back in the topic that the bug has been fixed).

The buttons appear in the message "more" dropdown if the message has not been pushed yet.
If the topic already have a corresponding issue, then the number appears in the topic buttons at the top (yeah, I know not a lot of visibility, but it was the fastest way and the one that needed less styling :P <= improvements welcome O:-)) with the classic reference #123.

That's all for now I guess.
No package yet because it's not finished, just barely working (see issues at github).

ETA: just thinking out loud, this could be the base to have a "push addon/theme live" in the respective boards. There is to think a bit about how it should work in respect to pull requests, but it should be doable!

ETA2: added permissions and fixed the check on non-existing issues.
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