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[ADDON] Footer Menu Started by live627 · · Read 7565 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

[ADDON] Footer Menu

Footer Menu


Appends a menu to the bottom of every page
  • Admin settings are under the Forum sub-menu in the admin panel.
  • Unlimited categories and links
  • Is cached in the settings table so no extra query per page load is needed
  • Follows default database order (usually chronologically but is based on ID)
  • If the cache get corrupt, simply edit an item, make no changes, click save
  • Categories will not show unless it contains at least one link

Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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lol I crashed the server :D
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Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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You are great! xD

What did you to to crash it? (Just out of curiosity to see if we can fix anything.)
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Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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Every once in a while, image uploads take almost a minute (45 seconds). Firebug says the request is blocked. Screenshot attached...

Also, sometimes the image fails to upload, but the script adds it to the page as a phantom entry, with no way to remove. (This is after the long delay)

Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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hmm... worth a bug report without any doubt!
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Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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Great job.

I noted $sourcedir which I think should be SOUCEDIR in uninstall-required.php code:

Code: [Select]
remove_integration_function('integrate_pre_include', '$sourcedir/FooterMenu.php');

Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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French translation in attachment


Re: [ADDON] Footer Menu

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An elk 1.1 php 7.4+ version
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