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sendmail() test

I think there should be a link on the managemail page to send a test email to ensure you've set it up correctly. I'm kind of concerned that I might not have it setup correctly.

Obviously one can send a message, just think it would be easier if there was a link right there.

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Interesting idea!

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... Why was this idea not already implemented?

It's 2 years ago, it should've been implemented by now. I was looking for something like this just today because I could not figure out why the forum I have SMTP set up was not wanting to send e-mail messages of topic reply notifications, etc because it wasn't showing anything in mail logs.

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Seriously, man... seriously.

Can we get this implemented more or less quickly? :( E-mail troubleshooting is a giant pain in the booty without mail logs... it seems my Elkarte forum isn't doing ANYTHING when it comes to sending test e-mails. Just redirects me to my profile.

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Added it as a feature request on github ... at least that way its visible as a request.

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Quote from: Spuds – Added it as a feature request on github ... at least that way its visible as a request.

Can you link me the feature request in question?

I was trying to test e-mail sending again by having someone else send me messages via PMs... so it should've caused the forums to fire off an e-mail. So far, it hasn't and has been producing these in the mail-log:

This is on 1.0.9.

Code: [Select]
Apply Filter: Only show the error messages of this URL;ts=1471170917
Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file
File: /chroot/
Line: 1068

... This is starting to seriously aggravate me, yo.

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Quote from: emanuele –

Could you please check the mail_queue table, the message_id field what type is it?

Sure. See attached screenshot. And... go figure, I didn't have the right keywords to find issue #2355.

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Okay, let's try to get some more useful error message: open index.php, find:
Code: [Select]
and move it up before:
Code: [Select]
if (isset($_GET['scheduled']))
I'm not sure, but it should be able to give some more details.

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And what email are you using again?