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my bookmarks

From time to time I search how to do some basic things (in git, in bash, in other things) and since my real bookmarks are so full of stuff that is useless to add another one...I'll put the results here. :P

Linux (this is useful if you want to do a search&replace with sed and want to avoid to destroy the git repo O:-)) (memo about sed and regexp: escape, escape, escape!)

git (in particular the second answer)


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Re: my bookmarks

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I found (well first result of the search... :P) that:
It's very basic basic but is nice I think.

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Don't remember where exactly I found it, though:
Code: [Select]
git branch --merged | grep -v "\*" | xargs -n 1 git branch -d
to cleanup old merged branches.

Re: my bookmarks

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Nice  :D

Re: my bookmarks

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Yep, a very useful script, especially for people (like me) that frequently forgot to cleanup their branches after merge. O:-)
Warning: I think it's better to run it from master.

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Something not "close" to web development, I'd like to start playing with Android, so I was out searching for books:

Plus some pages I wanted to read, but have to close some tabs:

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Reply #8 Drawing application sketches and work-flow diagrams, you can save the results in several formats and in several places.
Looks interesting.

Re: my bookmarks

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All my bookmarks are mostly YouTube videos I have found and liked :p

I mainly listen to music when I am at home on my PC and since the creation of YouTube, I don't even buy new music anymore...

Re: my bookmarks

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I'm loving this! :D

Re: my bookmarks

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I have to many to list, If I had to guess I would say about 400 hundred of them all together.

Re: my bookmarks

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I have no idea how many bookmarks I have, I just keep here those that are coding-related and similar things. ;)