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Pesky editing error

Hi there!

Does anyone know where I should look for this error on the Portal Page? Thanks in advance!


Auctor Lucan

Re: Pesky editing error

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The error seems tied to my avatar code, even when I switch it for another avatar. I just need to know where to look.


Re: Pesky editing error

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Are you using the colored names addon?

Re: Pesky editing error

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Re: Pesky editing error

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Maybe you had it installed at some point?

Re: Pesky editing error

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Wait what! I do have it listed as installed. I just forgot about it, lol. I really shouldn't be so quick to answer, lol.

Should I just uninstall it? I really don't need it. It's Colored Names version 0.0.3.

Or is there a quick fix so that I can keep it? I figured some of my members might want to use it, but it's not that important, really.

Re: Pesky editing error

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If you don't really need it, I would say it's better to uninstall it.
The way I implemented it is the most efficient, but apparently has more drawbacks than I expected. :-\
And I also noticed another bug while looking at it.

I should re-write it somehow.

Re: Pesky editing error

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Thanks! I have just one question then:

Should I check the box for:
O Remove all data associated with this addon. [Details]
Checking this option will result in the following actions:
Remove column "colored_names" from "elkartenew_members"
Remove column "plain_real_name" from "elkartenew_members"

...when I uninstall it?

Re: Pesky editing error

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My gut reaction was to say yes, but now I have a doubt... darn.
If you want to remove it now, to stay on the safe side, do not remove them.
If you can wait a bit (over the weekend) I'll try to clean up my doubts and give you an answer.

Re: Pesky editing error

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15 seconds ago, I closed my eyes, pushed the button after checking"yes"...

... and it worked! :)

And now I saw your message here, lol.

Anyway, the gamble worked, and now the bug is gone!

Re: Pesky editing error

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Then I actually tested things! LOL