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General server settings / maintenance message

If one edits general server settings via web interface and in the "Message to display" there is following:

Code: [Select]
Something something .

Something else something else.

Second line for some reason is doubled into Settings.php and results into 500 error.

Of course that is because of ; at the end of the line that is doubled. Dunno if that is because of the empty line in between . But this will happen every time even one doesn't edit this field at all.

First noticed this when edited forum title and big bada boom error 500. Then I made a test and it wasn't just a glitch in the matrix ...

Thanks and have a good one!

Re: General server settings / maintenance message

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Oh. Good to know. Any idea when this release is coming?

Re: General server settings / maintenance message

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If I get some time today to pack it I could release a test patch by the end of the day (CEST).
Otherwise I'll try to have one during the week, but can't give you dates (considering it's already a month I had planned to release it xD ).
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