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How to fix attachment directory?

Hi, long time no see.  :D

I just migrated my forum to another host (litespeed shared host to cyberpanel) and changing domain too.

The forum run fine, updated to 1.1.7. Fixed all mismatched directories using repair settings.

But when trying to upload attachments there is an error
Code: [Select]
There was a problem and your attachments could not be uploaded, Your attachment couldn't be saved. This might happen because it took too long to upload or the file is bigger than the server will allow.

and i reported the same problem years ago:

trying the same solution. but then a new problem occured.

Current base directory Please note that the directory is wrong. (Attempt to correct)

I checked that and on attachment directories i cannot change anyting, the radio button is grayed out on non existing directory.

So.. a solution please?


I created the missing folder manually, and elkarte detected some missing files and database.

8 attachments/avatars have an entry but no longer exist on disk
1 attachments/avatars are being reported as the wrong filesize
6 files do not have a corresponding entry in the database. (These will be deleted)

I run repair. and nothing happened. those missing files are not fixed and i cannot change upload directory.

Re: How to fix attachment directory?

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Try esnuring the intended directory is writeable. On some servers 755 permissions may work, on others 777 may be required. If that doesn't work you may need to manually set it in the database Settings table using phpmyadmin. 

Re: How to fix attachment directory?

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thanks for pointing out.

but still bad news.

i fixed the directories path manually via phpmyadmin.

on attachment settings.

Choose the method for the management of the attachment directories. if i change it to manual, then i can choose the directories.

But when i tried to change options to anything auto and checked on Create new directories within a base directory

then error

in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, bool given

and now another kind of message is thrown at uploading attachment (png).

The post data is missing. This error could be caused by trying to submit a file larger than allowed by the server. Please contact your administrator if this problem continues.

my upload size is max 2MB and the pictures is a single image with 190KB in size.


another strange thing. if i forced to post even with above error message, it failed.

Class 'AttachmentErrorContext' not found

but when i go back to previous post topic i can see there are thumbnail generated for those files.


found related issues:

192.MY.ID: Forum ISP Indonesia.