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"Mark These Messages As Read" isn't accurate

So I noticed recently (1.0.3 maybe?) the mark read text was changed to "Mark These Messages as Read".   I was hoping that it was actually more than a language change but it doesn't seem to be testing it here.  A simple example will illustrate what I mean.

I just clicked the "New Posts" button at the top.  There was one post shown.  I then clicked the show all unread posts and there were four posts shown.  So I clicked the "New Posts" button again and it returned with the one post which I think clicked "Mark These Messages as Read".  If the wording was correct then only that one message should be marked read and the other three that only show up on the "All Unread" posts should still show up if I click all unread.  But no, those three posts have been marked read as well.  So it didn't mark just "These" messages as read but "All" of them just as it used to do.  Only now the wording is misleading.

Re: "Mark These Messages As Read" isn't accurate

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It was just a wording change to be less misleading ... In several other areas what you see is what does get marked.

I'll check the specific one you are referring to see what we should do, the old text is still available and was used in some instances where there behavior was indeed "all" vs "these"
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