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1.0.9 - Avatar Directory Issue

Okay, here's an odd one.
When do custom directory for uploaded avatars, it somehow ends up with broken images when upload.
When looked at the image's URL, it shows both the URL & the path.

Upload Directory:
Code: [Select]
Upload URL:
Code: [Select]

When try to see URL for broken just uploaded avatar:
Code: [Select]

As can see, there's indeed something odd with that.
This is confirmed on 2 forums.

Here's the kicker. If let it show after save on uploading, as broken, and click Forum Profile again under modify, the avatar then shows correctly. So, this bug is only on initial avatar upload and save.

Re: 1.0.9 - Avatar Directory Issue

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Strange indeed ... 1.0.9?  Marking this as unread so I remember to take a deeper look !
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