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Re: [ADDON] OEmbed

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Thank you so much, let me try it and update you!

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Looking forward to the next bugs to fix!

Re: [ADDON] OEmbed

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is this add-on compatible with elkarte 1.1? If so, please update the first post of this topic.
Also, can you add it to Elkarte Add-ons ?

Quote from: forumsearch0r2 – It amazes me that this add-on needs to add new sites manually while mine (without any copyright removal needed) does not:
could be that your add-on is difficult to find 
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] OEmbed

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It should. (As I am currently not running an ElkArte instance - which I plan to change soon -, I'd be glad about any feedback.)

How does adding add-ons work? I haven't checked that yet.

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Have a look at this
I can't help since I'm not a coder and don't know how github works, if you have problems ask on forum, I'm sure that someone will answer.
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] OEmbed

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Ew, Git...


Re: [ADDON] OEmbed

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Submitted a PR. Now waiting.

edit: Didn't have to wait long.