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Can someone try to translate key [font=proxima-nova, 'Segoe UI', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif]credits_intro[/font][/color] in Who.english.php? I get error on this string: Error: The expression '% f' is not present in the translation.

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Tried for the Italian and seems to work.
It looks almost like for the Polish translation it is confused by the "100% free" mixing "% f" for a "%f". :-\
Just to be sure, can you verify you didn't miss by mistake the space between the two?

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Somehow  I forgot about topic.. but the same error in Maintenance.english.php reminded me about it :)
Key: use_external_tool

Original text:
Code: [Select]
Please consider using an external tool to backup your database, any backup created with this utility cannot be considered 100% reliable.

My translation:
Code: [Select]
Rozważ użycie zewnętrznego narzędzia do utworzenia kopii zapasowej bazy danych. Jakakolwiek kopia zapasowa stworzona tym narzędziem nie może być uznana w 100% niezawodna.
and error:
QuoteError: The expression '% n' is not present in the original phrase.

I think that translation is correct and "%" sign is exactly where it is in original text, so I don't know what it wants from me.. :|

as I noticed - language editor takes first letter after % and if it does not match with first letter after % in original text then it shows error

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seems to be a bug in the online editor from transifex...
translated to  "100 procent niezawoda", just to get that "fixed" for now. I think we should contact transifex.

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It worked fine in one key (Maintenance.english.php use_external_tool), but in Who.english.php it won't work :|

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hmm... could you post here the text you are inserting?

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sure, here it is:
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ElkArte jest w 100 procentach darmowym i otwartym oprogramowaniem. Aktywnie wspieramy oraz akceptujemy wkład społeczności. Chcemy podziękować wszystkim którzy wspierali projekt w postaci pisania kodu, opinii, raportowali błędy, ponieważ to wszystko nie byłoby możliwe bez was. Podziękowania należą się również <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win">SMF</a> - projektowi z którego narodziło się ElkArte.

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I was reading the error message wrong. :-\

The problem is not in the translation but in the original message.
Indeed a bug in transifex, at the moment the only way to work around it is change:
Code: [Select]
ElkArte is 100% free and open-source.
in a way that there is not "% f".
Any suggestion?

Posted a question at transifex:
Last Edit: June 14, 2014, 10:37:35 am by emanuele
Bugs creator.
Features destroyer.
Template killer.

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hmm apparently the questions area has been removed... :-\

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Just to track down alternatives in case transifex doesn't meet our needs:
Seems interesting. It's supported by redhat, so should be somehow reliable. Downside it doesn't support php arrays. :-\

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Quote from: emanuele –
Code: [Select]
ElkArte is 100% free and open-source.
in a way that there is not "% f".
Any suggestion?

ElkArte is free and open source - 100%


ElkArte is 100% open source and free.

Edit: Or:

ElkArte is free and open source - 100 percent! With ! ;)

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Okay, got a response from transifex! :D

They told me there are settings to either reject the translation or just give a warning (I was looking for them, but I wasn't able to find the page... :-[).
I changed it now to warning, so now it will save the entry and then show you a little warning about it. ;D

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It works! :D