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Please explain me noob what's "who_generic" in Who.english.php for?  :-X

Re: who_generic?

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Just a generic string that is used when ElkArte doesn't know exactly the action the user is looking at.

For example a mod adds the action "someaction", but it doesn't add the string $txt['who_someaction'] to describe what that action is, in that case the who_generic will be used and the string will become: 'Viewing the someaction'.

It cannot make sense in all cases, that's granted. It's just a way to show something that is somehow related to what the user is doing, but is not possible to show exactly because something is missing.

Re: who_generic?

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Ah, okay. You visited the logs in my migration forum today and "Who's online" said you were "Betrachtet logs". That's not perfect when you use german language. So maybe I will change it to something fix like "Is doing something I can't explain".  ;)

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Well, it may be worth taking a list of existing actions without a proper description and add them while we go.

In that case the action was:
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